What People Are Saying

The following are quotes from Collaborative Family Law clients and practitioners and links to useful articles relating to Collaborative Family Law. Please review the articles to discover what people are saying about Collaborative Family Law and it’s impact on divorcing couples.

“Collaborative divorce encourages the parties to communicate directly and resolve issues without court intervention. Agreements reached by the parties themselves will better meet the family’s needs and have far greater likelihood of long term success than orders imposed by a judge at the end of a court trial. Most importantly, collaborative divorce helps parents work together to focus on the best interests of their children and to avoid the damage caused by ongoing litigation.”

Circuit Court Judge
Milwaukee County, Wisconsin

“Society has to make a shift — we can’t continue to treat a family social process like a criminal process. The Collaborative Family Law philosophy offers a better alternative. If we can help parents to reduce conflict, families will benefit.”

Psychotherapist and Mediator
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“I chose Collaborative Family Law because I wanted a respectful process. My main interest was in our daughter. Ultimately, I did not want to leave a negative legacy. We were able to maintain control of the outcome, rather than accepting the terms of an imposed order. We also realized significant savings by avoiding litigation.”

Collaborative Family Law Client
Married 27 years
Madison, Wisconsin

“Collaborative Family Law allows parents to work with mental health professionals to keep the focus on what is best for their children rather than seeing children as another piece of the pie to be divided. It focuses on restructuring, rather than destroying, family relationships after divorce.”

Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Collaborative Law: A Solution Addressing Real Problems in the Legal System

Presented by Diane S. Diel to the Association of Women Lawyers
Milwaukee, Wisconsin — November 11, 2003

I Was Wrong

By MARILYN LA COURT (May 2, 2002)

For Better, Not Worse
In collaborative divorce, couples vow to avoid strife

By LOUISA KAMPS, Special to the Journal Sentinel (March 8, 2003)